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The Company

Meccanica Melzani S.r.l. since 2003

Who we are – Our story

Meccanica Melzani s.r.l. headquarters are located in Baitoni di Bondone, on the extreme south-western border of Trentino, overlooking lago d’Idro and right at the border of the province of Brescia.

The company has been active in the sector of third party precision mechanics since 2003.

We are able to provide an effective machining service in the processes of boring, drilling, and milling of die-cast parts in aluminium, brass, cast iron, bronze, alloy steels and stainless steel.

We are able to manage the entire production cycle: from design of the equipment needed for machine preparation, to machining, to testing and assembly, to delivery of the packaged product according to customer specifications.

Our owner’s thirty years of experience in the field, the professionalism of our constantly trained staff and our continuous investments in the renewal of our equipment and fleet of machines allow us today to guarantee punctuality, accuracy and quality.

Innovation for growth


We operate in a 1,200 square metre , newly built building, of which:

  • 650 square metres reserved for the production department, made up of modern machinery capable of meeting precision
    for different industrial sectors, a metrology room and a technical office.
  • 550 square metres allocated as a warehouse for finished or semi-finished products. The area is completely covered, equipped with video surveillance system and computerised management of goods loading and unloading.

We currently have a staff consisting of 13 highly trained operatorsenrolled in periodic training courses.

Our goal is to continue to grow, always guaranteeing the quality standard that sets us apart.

132.07 kWp photovoltaic plant


We strongly believe in renewable energy. In July 2010, we invested in a 489 modulephotovoltaic plant integrated on the roof of the building for a total power of 112.47 kWp.

The system is a photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity with network input of the power produced (grid-connected type), incentivised with the second energy bill (Min. Decree 19/02/2007), with on-site exchange services, connected to the electrical distribution grid with a three-phase low-voltage connection.

In August 2012, we expanded the system with a power integration equal to 19.60 kWp deriving from 80 modules installed on the cantilever roof adjacent to the building.

Today, the capacity of the enhanced plant is 132.07 kWp.

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